Monday, 21 June 2010

Secret Location

Certain local bloggers seem to be keeping their wildlife locations secret lately not wishing to share their sightings with the rest of us. Which leads to the question, why do they keep a blog. Is it just to Brag "look at what I've found and you haven't". So i have jumped on the band waggon and will keep this location all to myself as they do.

All i will say is, there is heathland and a few puddles and Pylons. You know who you are.

I luckily bumped into a chap who advised me on what i was looking at. So i thank him for that. Mike i think he was called from Durham. Bloody nice chap. Anyway here are a few of the sightings from today's top secret location.

Black Tailed Skimmer

I was advised by the nice chap that this was quite a find. He was there specifically just for this one species.

There was a single Emperor Dragonfly and plenty of Blue Tailed, Large Red and Azure
Damselfly's. A Banded Demoiselle put in a brief appearance unfortunately to far away to photograph.

There were lots of Four Spotted Chasers.

They were sunning themselves within four feet of me.

Flower wise plenty of Orchids with this Common Spotted Orchid amongst the Marsh Orchid.

Spotted Orchid

Anchusa arvensis Vipers Bugloss

I think this may be White Campion

And i do believe this is Red Campion.

There were Butterflies galore. Highlights were Common Blue, Small Heath, Six Spot Burnet yes i know that's a Moth and many others of which names i do not know yet.

Small Heath

So a absolutely fantastic morning out in the glorious sunshine at Kibblesworth Brickworks. Ahh Dam just gave the location away.


  1. Nice one Davy. Was planning a visit later in the week.

  2. Anonymous21 June, 2010


    Your blue flower is Vipers Bugloss



  3. Hi Davy,
    Was out on Friday with Jeff Veevers in and around Thornley Woods, Shibdon and the Derwent. Printed off a map of the location of Kibblesworth Brickworks but we never got. AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHH.
    Some lush specimens. Must get along.

  4. Thanks Maurice for id

  5. Well Worth going John top site for Dragonflys and Butterflies and wild roaming gypsy dogs.

  6. Nice views Davy. Looks likes a good place to visit. Did you receive my response to your email about camera settings?

  7. I did Emma, sorry i will get back to you asap.

  8. nice pics Davy, what gear have you got, it must be a NIKON or what Johnny K says a Nikoff

  9. Ha i wished. I use a Lumix FZ38. Crackinig little camera it is.

  10. You are getting top class results Davy, results to be proud of, keep it up, and i am sure we are all looking forward to your next postings