Thursday, 24 June 2010

Last couple of days

I have been keeping local the last couple of days. So here are a few pics from Silverlink Bio Park and Banks Pond.

Narrow-bordered 5-spots. The Silver Link Bio Park is a Mecca for these Moths. They are in huge numbers all over the site.

Narrow-bordered 5-spots

Came across this very pretty looking Moth. It was only about 20mm across.

Latticed Heath

No apologies for the Four Spot Chaser again. I just love this Dragonfly.

Four Spot Chaser

Small Skipper

Large Skipper

I couldn't resist this little beauty. been told it is a Nine Spine Stickleback. I didn't even know there was more than one type. Fascinating.

Onto Banks Pond this morning. The weather unfortunately had took a downturn. Although still warm it was windy and cloudy. I think this may have had an effect on the number of species seen this morning.

This has to be one of my favorite Butterflies i have seen so far. It is stunning.

Common Blue

A few Damsels though im not sure what yet. I would guess Common Blue and Large Red.

There was also a bloody great big blue Dragonfly whizzing around but would not stay still to photograph so no idea what that was.

So heres another Four Spot Chaser from Banks Pond as well.

Doing chinups to impress the ladies

Brown China-mark (Elophila nymphaeata). There were loads of these all over the place.

And this little chap.

Another cracking couple of days and thanks to Richie for on the spot location information. It only took me four attempts to find Banks Pond.


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2010

    Great post Davy. Sorry, but the 5-spot Burnets are Narrow-bordered 5-spots. 5-spots are only found in the far south of the UK.

  2. Dont be sorry Dean, thank you very much for the correct id.