Friday, 7 May 2010

Rising Sun Wednesday Morning and Prestwick Wednesday Evening.

Had a ramble around the Rising Sun CP to mainly look at what plants may be springing up. First thing i got however, was this beautiful little fella.

Plenty of plants and trees in bloom heres a few,

Now on Johnnys Blog he mentions seeing the Red Deer without antlers

Copyright of Sedgedunum warbler

which is funny because i saw the the same Deer earlier that day and there was clearly a tree growing out of his head.

Alright cheap joke.

Anyway up to the cafe for a nice Tuna and Cheese melt and a cup of tea. Highly recommend this place.

In the evening , i thought at the last minute i would give the Tawny a try at Prestwick Carr. So i headed up there at 19.00hrs. It was a lovely still evening. Very little wind and loads of midges. The Sedge Warblers were in fine voice and a few Grasshopper warblers were Reeling in the fens to the right. A Redstart gave a fantastic view sitting watching me.

I found the spot where the tawny has regulary been seen. But alas, it was not to be. I stayed for an hour and just took in the peace of the Carr. I will get my Tawny one of these nights.


  1. How the heck did you get him to stand and pose for you???? When i shout to him "Excuse me, can you move a little to the right please" he looks at me as if i'm daft, so do the people passing mind. I did laugh out very loud Davy. Spot on.
    I was having this conversation with someone the other day about plagiarism, can't think who it was. Funny that. My lawyer may be informed.
    If you go to Prestwick you WILL get your Tawny.

  2. The way to get him to look at you is to take ones mother along who never stops talking. The Deer looks up thinking "Poor Man".

  3. Hope you dont mind about photo John i did give you credit and it makes mine look better. ;-)

  4. Don't be daft, course not.