Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Druridge to East Chevington Meadander.

The Sedge Warblers were going nuts this morning. Every reed and scrub seemed to have one in there. A few pics follow unashamedly because i never thought i would get a decent one of this flighty bird.

An absolute stunner this bird, beautiful.

Further on up the links path to East Chevington there was a good number of Wheatears. Another beautiful bird to watch.

There was a swarm of flies so most of the birds were having a feeding frenzy. Fantastic to see.

This Meadow Pipit was just sitting in the bush and virtually letting the flies land in his mouth.

Fly to the right about to land in his mouth

Two Kestrels patrolled the grasslands making a few successful sorties

And this McCoo lazily chewed on the grass.

A view of East Chevington Nature reserve for those that haven't been.

Flower wise there wasn't much to see yet. This is some type of Speedwell but not sure which yet. I will wait for Ispot to id or Dean who seems rather good at this.

And this Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria). You thought birds were hard to id, try learning all the wildflower names. Yeegads.

So an absolutely fan-dune-tastic morning with the sun beating down and the Sedge warblers serenading me along the way. A lucky man i am.


  1. Cracking Sedge pics Dave

  2. Davy,
    Those Sedgy images had this Sedgy resident warbling. You captured something rather special there. There manic birdsong is class, isn't it?

  3. A p.s. Davy,
    You see that cut area of reeds to the right in the Chevy Reserve shot.......that's where the Bittern crossed when Jeff and i spotted it.

  4. Anonymous05 May, 2010

    Judging by the shortness of the plant, i`d go with Common Field Speedwell.

    I agree with the others on the Sedgie pics. Stunning.

  5. Cheers Dean, Aye John i thought it might be the spot will have to wait till winter now eh