Saturday, 1 May 2010

Allen banks Thursday, Holywell Lifer Saturday

Went to Allen Banks in the hope of getting the Bluebells and Ransom in full flower. Not to be, though i think it will be another week at the most. However, i did get the following

Wood Sorrel was in abundance cloaking the wood floor in some places.

I think this one is Red Campion

And of course Primroses. An absolutely beautiful flower.

A few Common violet dotted around here and there

And this bad boy Toothwort. I belive i read somewhere that it is a Parasite of some kind. Hard to belive looking at it.

Some Vinca Minor or Periwinkle

And this gorgeous little Barren Strawberry

Birds seen included Pied Flycatcher, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Dipper, Pied wagtail, Grey wagtail, Buzzard, Siskin and kesterel.

Holywell this afternoon my first Garden Warbler.


  1. Garden Warbler! Nice one! Whereabouts, please, as MY LIST NEEDS EXPANDING (LOL)!

  2. Could you drop me an email on that Garden Warbler Davy, I haven't had one on patch yet. ,cheers

  3. Have pm'd you Gordon
    Have emailed you Cain