Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Something a bit different

I fancied something a bit different yesterday other than chasing after birds and finding them not there (costing to much in petrol). So off i went to Tynemouth Priory to get some pics. The sky was a flat dull grey giving no life to the ruin.

see what i mean

So i ventured over to the cliff edge (don't worry i wasn't thinking of that) and noticed Alexanders (Smyrinium olusatrum) growing in abundance.

Read somewhere that this was used like celery when introduced by the Romans

In abundance it was

This stuff was a mecca for insects. It was absolutely crawling in them (excuse the pun). I had things like this:

an ichneumon (Ichneumon)

and this:


Seven Spot is this the bad boy ?

As well as:

A Bibionid (Dilophus sp.)

And a canny few of these:

a subfamily of craneflies (Limoniinae)

And not forgetting:

Faninsectastic mate.

There were plenty more but proved a bit harder to catch. All in all i saw about 20 different types but alas only one butterfly.

So after all this excitement i had to cool off and what better place than the old chapel.

The Chapel which is old.

The windows in here are beautifully crafted. I have never seen colours so rich before in other churches.

St Cuffy i think

Some dude carrying a head

And the Beautiful Rose window at the back of the chapel

So i left the chapel and had a wonder around the grounds. There were quite a few Linnets knocking around about 12 in all

And this gorgeous Starling shining in the light

and to finish before i left i saw this delicate Ivy-leaved Toadflax (Cymbalaria muralis) growing on one of the priorys stones.

So a nice morning with no stress on list bagging which is becoming tiresome now.


  1. Y see, you are getting the hang of this now. It's all about relaxing Davy. Balls to the lists.
    Now i do like a nice Starling......and that is a very very nice Starling.
    Some very nice RELAXING images, the stained glass is a joy.

  2. Aye thanks John. The Starling was a cracker. I have suddenly realised that its pointless keeping lists of birds i have already seen just to see if i can beat last years target WHO CARES. And Relax

  3. Bitter, Mr T, simply bitter! Lists are fine and hurt no-one but the listkeeper IF he/she gets too preoccupied. The trick is to relax, as you say, and not get too p*ssed off if you see nowt because the next time out you will more than likely see loads. By 311210, we will have have probably seen a similar number of birds and probably about the same species. It all comes out in the wash! By the way, have you seen a Ring-necked Parakeet yet?

  4. Davy'
    I've been up Prestwick last 2 mornings and not a sniff of Ring-necked Parakeets or Tawny Owls but the sight and sounds of Skylarks, Sedgies, Grasshoppers and Whitethroats well......marvellous.

  5. Not bitter Gordon i just cant justify chasing after birds ive already seen. Im enjoying looking for something new each time be it plant or animal.