Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New patch

Having just joined The Northumbria Natural History Society i thought i would explore my new patch Gosforth Park Nature Reserve.

When i arrived i was the only one there ahhh bliss. The birds were singing and the bees were buzzing and the butterflies were fluttering. The sun shone through the woods giving it a ethereal feeling.

With map in hand (its a big place you know )i set off around the reserve. It wasn't long before i heard a bird calling that i did not recognise. It didn't take me long to trace the critter. Twas a Nuthatch the first time i have heard one call. The woods were alive with Great Tits and Blue Tits calling from every tree almost.

I was told that there are still Red Squirrels in the woods but are seldom seen now. I must of had my lucky pants on because within about 10 minutes i saw one.

Happy Red Squirrel

I watched Red for a good 20 mins it was quite happy in its tree chewing on its food.

I then went on when something caught my eye. There standing to my left was a large Roe Deer watching me with suspicion. He stood for a couple of minutes before leaping off into the woods.

Big Lad

As i walked deeper into the woods i kept getting brief flashes of white rumps melting into the woods. Deer seemed to be all around me.

I came across this fungi yet another new one to me but do not know the name of it yet.

Looks past its best

The path led to a screen over looking the lake at the racecourse end of the reserve. Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs could be heard calling and it wasn't long before i got my first year tick for the said Warbler

View from the screen

Following the path i came across another five Deer. They didn't seem that bothered by my presence and continued feeding allowing me to get some close up shots of them.


I left them be as i didn't want to disturb them and continued on me way.

I then went to one of the hides over looking the other end of the pond. A Water Rail could be heard Sharming deep in the reeds. On the man made island five Swallows sat on the wire.

The walk was coming to an end but i did hear a Grasshopper Warbler Chirruping away in the reeds unfortunately i couldn't see it.

So as i neared the entrance this Peacock Butterfly caught my eye sunbathing.

And to end the day a Jay called from high up in the trees giving me brief glimpse.

A fantastic peaceful start to my new patch to which i will return many times.


  1. Davy,
    you must have had your lucky pants on, never seen a red there in all my visits.


  2. Davy,
    Like John, I have never seen a Red either despite many visits. Well done.

  3. I only hope its a good sign. There was only one however.

  4. Hi Davy. The fungi look like old Lycoperdon pyriforme (Stump Puffball).

  5. Aye it did look like collapsed puffballs.

    Cheers Dean

  6. You did well for your first visit, though the deer are common there the red squirrels are not now. Well worth its membership.