Friday, 16 April 2010

Coastal Meander

What a day to have a coastal meander it was absolutely boiling. I arrived at Cresswell to find i was the only one there. As i walked along the path to the hide i came across this rather tired and ragged looking chap.

Tortise Shell me thinks

I don't know if hes a survivor of the winter but he didn't look his best.

So anyway, onto the hide. There was very little on the pond today in fact nothing worth noting at all.

Next stop was Druridge. I popped into the budge hide but there was little to see here as well.

So next onto Hauxley Nature Reserve. There were large numbers of Canada Geese and Greylag with a few Barnacle thrown in for good measure.

Seven Barnacles in all

A quick trip to the Ponteland Hide. Yet again large numbers of Greylag and not much else. I did get this lovely Redshank though chasing flies

I know they are common but i like to watch them

Across at the hide opposite somebody decided it was a good idea to let their dogs chase the birds on the pond side. How clever of them ! I am starting to hate dog owners more and more each day. Gordon the Liverbirder excluded.

Also this cracking Grey Heron which was constantly getting mobbed of the Black Headed Gulls but just ignored them.

Next stop onto the beach to get some Vista shots

Coquet Island

Druridge Beach

I found this thing washed up at the high tide mark but not sure what type of fish it is ? A Ginger Dory i think

A sand scape to finish with.

So a beautiful morning out with very few people knocking around surprisingly but had to end to get ready for work. Dam its eyes.


  1. How the feck did we miss each other? I was coast-bound all morning, moving north until 11:30am when food and a lack of birds affected my judgement.

  2. Because i kept hiding from you.