Sunday, 11 April 2010

Great Grey Shite

I thought i would have a wonder on up to Harwood this morning to catch up with the GGS. Arriving at the location my heart sank when i saw the area needed to be watched. It was a grey wilderness of dead trees and here i was looking for a grey bird amongst it. I will just put a side note in here, There is no need to slog up the path for 40 minutes you can drive right up to the spot, not permissively but there was no one else there so who the hell would know. Just a hint.

Anyway, myself and my brother spent some time looking to no avail. WE did see however, Tree Pipit a lifer for me and bro, A Common Lizard, Meadow Pipits, Siskin, Willow Tit and Common Buzzard.

Not a Grey Shrike

So back we trudged to the car our hearts heavy and onwards to Cairston Lake. I have never been along this road that leads to the lake and all i can say is WOW. What a beautiful drive the scenery is fantastic.

We arrived at Cairston with only an hour left to explore. I had a quick word with the owner who was very friendly and pro Birding. He pointed out the hides and gave a quick rundown of what had been seen including two Otters. We set out along the river towards the hides on the south shore but realizing what a big place this was decided to leave it for another day. On the river bank we did get Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail, Dipper, Oyster Catcher, Greylag, Canada Geese and Meadow Pipits galore.

This will be a fantastic site to explore with more time on hand. The place was stunning with crystal clear waters.

Some photos below to show Cairston.

So although i didnt get me bird i went out for i had a wonderful peaceful morning spoilt only by having to return to screaming kids and wife.


  1. The shrike is VERY elusive. It took me 2 days to get it! Worth the effort in the end though.

  2. We just didnt have the time unfortunatly will drive further up the path next time.