Thursday, 22 April 2010

Birthday wonder

Happy Birthday i hear you all cry. Why thank you.

Anyway had a wonder up to Gosforth Park Nature Reserve this morning. The woods were yet again full of bird song. The Nuthatch was calling a different tune. So from never hearing a Nuthatch i have now heard two calls in 48 hours mad or what.

There were a few more people in the park (how dare they) so sightings of the Roe Deer were a bit thin on the ground. Did get this pic though.

There are lots of signs that summer is on the way with flowers starting to bloom and trees starting to blossom. At last eh.

Forget me nots


Grey Willow Salix cinerea Ssp. oleifolia

And something i have never seen before, the seed casing still stuck to the seedling in this case a Sycamore i think

Some canny Fungi as well

Cramp Balls

Polypore (Bracket Fungi)

So a canny morning nice and warm as well hidden amongst the trees.


  1. Black fungus is Cramp Balls, unsure of latin name, will dig up later.

  2. Thanks Cain i have amended fungi pic