Monday, 12 July 2010

Washington WWT Wow.

The Survey of Dragonflies and Damselflies began yesterday and what a start i had.

As i was walking down to the ponds something rather large caught my eye. Upon further inspection i came across this beauty. Only a Southern Hawker Dragonfly. WOW !

This cracking Dragonfly has only recently started to spread to our part of the country so it was a very nice and unexpected find.

As i continued my walk i saw a Common Darter resting on the floor.

Fandragontastic Mate

So with stool set up by the pond i began my survey. There was plenty to see with Common Blue, Blue Tailed and Azure Damselfly.

Both Azure Damselfly

Common Blue

The Damselflies were mating and laying eggs so a good sign of a healthy Damselfly world. I also spotted two Common Blue Tenerals drying their wings out.

Then something glimmered like a jewel in the sun. And it was indeed a jewel. A stunning Emerald Damselfly.


Three male Broad Body Chasers did what there name suggests and chased a female around the pond for a good twenty minutes. They proved very hard to photograph but i eventually manged to capture a couple of record shots.

Broad Body Chaser

A single Large Red Damselfly tried its best to have a rest but the Common Blues were having none of it and kept chasing him away.

There was also a good number of Butterflies visiting the area around the pond. Four Comma put on a show amongst the leaves. Chasing each other away until only one remained. Although he was a little Moth eaten (excuse the pun) .

Other species noted were, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Large Skipper, Small Skipper, Small Tortoiseshell, Large White, Painted Lady and Meadow Brown.

A few pic below to show the variety of species found.

Other creatures of interest seen were, two Newts and a Frog of which type i have no idea.

So a truly enjoyable day which i shall repeat next Sunday.


  1. That was a good day, Davy. The chaser is a nice one to find. I really must try to get out more!

  2. Anonymous12 July, 2010

    Great post Davy. Yep, sounds like you had a very enjoyable day.

  3. You've scored with that job Davy!

  4. You need to post these on THE DARTER with your mate!!!!
    Some cracking species Davy.

  5. Cheers John, What is The Darter and are you refering to A T.

  6. Davy,
    Check out link on my blog list for The Darter. Run by the same gentleman that used to run Bird NEast

  7. Can i hazard a guess that your cracking new header is a male Emerald Damselfly. You really should contact The Darter!

  8. Sorry, me again. Just noticed........check the spelling of amateur.

  9. I know it will sound childish but i will have nothing to do with AT.