Tuesday, 6 July 2010

New Role

From this morning i became an official Wildlife Survey Assistant at Washington WWT.
For the next couple of months i will be monitoring Dragonflies, Damselflies and Butterflies within the reserve. Then moving onto another survey after that and so on. I will be covering all Flora and Fauna so its all very exciting and i cant wait to get stuck in. So expect lots of photos of the above.

Anyhoo's, heres some Moths i clocked this morning resting in one of the bird hides.


Coxcomb Prominent

Yellow Shell


Light Arches

I take it they were all night flying Moths and will find out asap.


  1. Brilliant Davy,
    Sounds like a great gig. Looking forward to scandalous tales behind the scenes.

  2. Oh yes, theres some pretty hot birds there and i dont mean the feathered type.

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Davy, the unknown moth is a Yellow Shell.
    All the best in your new role and hope it`s not too daunting a task.

  4. Thanks Dean i do believe i posted a Yellow Shell in a previous post.

    The Survey Assistant is only Voluntary but the experience will help towards my ultimate goal of becoming a Reserve Warden. Im also studying Environmental Science Degree so in Four years time, hopefully i will get there.

  5. This sounds lile a great job, Davy. I'm pleased for you. Hope you find lots to interest you. Good luck.

  6. Hi thats really good news

  7. Hi Davy. Some cracking moths. That Light Arches looks like a Dark Arches - a light coloured one. Light Arches doesn't have an orbital or kidney spot which this one does.