Monday, 24 May 2010

Low Force Meander

Some of the family were going to Low Force on Sunday so i thought i would tag along having never been.

As i walked through the woods to the Wynch Bridge a Spotted Flycatcher and a Tree Creeper gave a nice start to the day.

The falls soon came into view a what a treat they were.

The view however, was soon spoiled by a group of Foster Beer wielding teenagers turning up to do a bit of Tombstoning into the deep pools below the falls.

Anyway, further up the river two Common Sandpipers were spied along with Grey Wagtail.

There were some interesting flowers to see. One of which was pointed out to me by a kind gent who informed me that it was quite rare to see now.

Bird's Eye Primrose

Below, some of the others seen.

Globe Flower

Early Marsh Orchid

Water Avens

Not sure on this one Vetch Maybe ?


Bird's Foot Trefoil

And a couple of Wee Cowrin' Timorous Beasties.

It had a very humourous face this one.

A Weevil of some kind

And a Moth Caterpillar of the Aphelia Genus

We returned to the falls which by now had become a Lido for the numpties. They were everywhere throwing empty beer cases and cans straight into the river. WHY ?

We stopped at the visitors center to have a coffee and got a wonderful show of Crepuscular rays from above.

A path led away from the visitors center to another waterfall of who ms name escapes me at the mo. We saw two Dippers along the burn and plenty of Brown Trout in the pools.

It was nice and quiet here no numpties. To far for them to walk.

A few more pics from the day

A fantstic place that deserves another visit perhaps midweek when the numpties are signing on.

Side note thanks to Emma for flower updates. Cheers.


  1. And while you are there Davy it's not too far along the road to Langdon Beck and indeedy, Langdon Common.

  2. Just noticed the posting on yer blog from Brian Rafferty Wildlife Photographer of the Black Grouse Lek. I'm 95% sure they would have been taken at Langdon Common. Got to go early though and i'm not sure whether it might be too late in the year. Thats where John and i went 3 weeks ago.

  3. Aye cheers John may have top wait till next year now.

  4. Davy: Thanks for your kind comment on my Green Hairstreak. I'm pretty sure your tormentil is Bird's Foot Trefoil and the flowers of your ground ivy are very like those of a Bugle: the ground ivy has differently shaped leaves and its flowers are purple.

  5. Thanks Emma i havent a clue what im on about so any comments welcome i will change the captions.

    Love your blog its fantastic.