Friday, 28 May 2010

Another Bothal meander

I Couldn't decide where to go yesterday. I was going to go to Druridge but ended up at Bothal again.

When i got there the first thing to strike me was the high numbers of Orange Tip Butterflies. They seemed to be attracted to the Giant Butterbur or Bog Rhubarb as my dad used to call it. Note for Emma, I know its a bit out your way but they were very easy to photograph keeping still for long periods.

Unfortunately another thing to stike me was the high number of campfires that have been made. The two mile stretch that i walked had about ten separate fires (distinguished i must add) including trees that had been torched. I don't know if its people fishing or numpties with their packs of Fosters but its a sad site to see.

Anyways, Birds seen were Blackcap in abundance, Willow Warbler , Chiffchaff, Great Spotted woodpecker , Grey Wagtail , Dipper , Grey Heron x3, Song Thrush, Common Buzzard calling above the trees and briefly glimpsed, Chaffinch, Blackbird and Robin.

Below a few photos from the day. Not much new to see since my last visit.

You got to have the baby bunny pic this time of year.

Wood Aven i doth believe.

Twas a carpet of Ransom that cloaked the floor.

Plenty of these chappies Mayfly i think.

Bridge near Morpeth

So a canny couple of hours. The best thing was i never passed a soul. Bliss.


  1. Yo Davey an enjoyable read as ever, looks like a male Mayfly on account of the very long forelegs.

    You might find the following blog interesting


  2. Looking at the Avens I am wondering if it is rivulare x urbanum hybrid, they are quite common and have the colour of urbanum and the shape of rivulare.