Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Last couple of days

I went to Kielder area on Sunday with my bro to see if we could clock Black Darter up at Falstone Moss. When we got to the Mire in the bleak windy conditions we found nothing flying at all. We did come across this bonny little plant.

Bog Asphdel

And this cracking Toon Army Lichen, Black and White.

So next stop we headed to Sidwood near Greenhaugh. Here we were after Golden Ring Dragonfly.

It wasn't long before we came across a Common Hawker weaving along the forest ride.
That was to be the only one though. For the rest of the trip we saw no Dragons at all. However, we did see some more nice Lichens including this Cladonia.

And for the Fungi fans among you:

So not the best of trips having seen nothing that we set out to see.

Washington Survey part three on Sunday had all the usual with Common Darter, Emperor, Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly and Blue Tailed, Common Blue and Emerald Damselfly. Butterflies were Meadow Brown, Green Veined and Small White. A few pics below to show findings.

So the holidays drag on. The kids have bankrupted me already and i mark the days left until they return to school on the wall. Lets hope it rains everyday for the next six weeks so i dont miss anything.


  1. Yo Davey your "bonny" little yellow plant is a Bog Asphodel



  2. Hi Davy,
    I was going to say the same as i was admiring them yesterday at Greenlee.
    I've come to the conclusion that you DO NOT go out expecting to see anything, then........
    Every time i plan a trip the weather screws it up.

  3. Indeed Sir John, There is something about Kielder and me that dont just mix. I never have a pleasent trip there, whether it be sailing, Hiking, birding or photographing. More bad memories than good.