Monday, 5 April 2010

Two lifers in a day

With thanks to all those for their encouragement to keep the blog going i have decided i will.

I decided to go for the Great White Egret and Common Crane this morning. Having been ill over the last 36 hours i dragged myself out of bed and drove up to Druridge. I met John Howden Blogger wondering around. He advised i had just missed the Egret with it being seen flying north. We had a wonder up to the Budge Hide anyway just in case. There we met my work mate Ritchie Dunn and had a good craic with him for a while. Thanks for the words Ritchie ;-). Myself and John then decided to head up to Shaw farm to clock the Common crane. The Crane was in the Stubble field opposite Shaw farm entrance showing really well. I went to get my camera only to discover i had left it in the house ahhhhhhhhhhhh. What a dork. Anyway we had a good view for 10mins before it decided to hop over the fence and disappear

So back to Druridge. I was nearly there when i recieved a call from Ritchie advising G W Egret was back. In true Sweeny style i handbraked turned into the car park, jumped out of the car, and rolled over the bonnet. Grabbed my scope and ran through the mud to bag my G W Egret. And there and behold it was. Fantastic views as it pranced around the wetlands. Two lifers in a day what more could a man ask for.


  1. Good lad Davy
    You can't let some twonk spoil it for everyone.
    Don't forget people read this rubbish and they would have missed out on your inane ramblings. Yoe wouldn't have wanted to disappoint them, would you?
    I always enjoy seeing you in the field and reading your blog.
    Keep it up!!!!!
    Cheers John

  2. Three!! And glad to see you have seen sense and got back on board.

  3. Cheers John and Gordon.

  4. Saw your photo of Avocet sorry I missed it.

    Cheers Ma Baker